Hailey Hippie Hollow

Alright! Here comes another set that I actually recently shot! So this is NOT a throwback post. Unless you count like a week as a throwback lol. One good thing about my job is I always have Sundays off and now my weekday off is Monday. So with no work I decided to make a little day trip up to Austin to shoot with Hailey. She mentioned she had an idea she wanted to shoot at Hippie Hollow.
The set I’m sharing here is actually just from our time at Hippie Hollow, and one of two looks we shot there. Hailey had this awesome orange bikini with chains. And we got there with the intention of utilizing the light from sunset. These turned out to be some of my all time favorite photos I’ve ever taken. It was the perfect mixture of subject, location and light. Enough typing I suppose, and on to the pics.


For the last bit of light we got in the water. And yes I said WE. lol I only got like knee deep, but me being me… I was wearing jeans and forgot to bring shorts lol. But enough of my woes.

just gotta dip your head under water

just gotta dip your head under water

A reward for an awesome shoot! lol

A reward for an awesome shoot! lol

Be sure to follow me over on Ig @corychrry and follow Hailey @haileybethh. I’ve been debating releasing some prints from sets, so let me know what you all think. Until next time, be well!

Norma in da house

Catchy title aside, it’s crazy how long I’ve been friends with Norma. I’ve actually lost track of how many years. If only real life had this reminders of friendship anniversaries like on FB. But I’ve recently moved into a new(well new to me) house, and having shot in Norma’s apartment before, which could possibly be another post we decided to shoot in my new place.
As often is the case with my work we kept it simple and minimal(i know, i know). But I tend to find I don’t really like too much to distract from who I’m shooting with. Maybe later this year I’ll dabble in some more elaborate looks. Maybe.

I hear tie dye is coming back strong.

I hear tie dye is coming back strong.


There are three things I really love about my new digs. 1. There’s a ton of natural light 2. The kitchen and 3. there’s an archway leading from the living room to the kitchen, so of course I had to use it in this set.


Throwback post with Grace Nguyen

So here we are once again. I haven’t shot much so here’s another post from way back. Like maybe four years ago. I’ve only gotten the honor to work with Grace just this one time. But schedule and her moving out west had a large part to do with that. But to this day I’m still proud of what we created together.
One day I made the drive downtown to what is now a pretty upscale high rise, and Grace had access to a pretty sweet apartment near the top. As you can see form some of the pics. As far as looks go we went for a very minimal look. Nothing over the top, but with Grace that’s all you need. Enjoy

this view has changed a lot over the years

this view has changed a lot over the years


For the second look for this set grace changed into a simple gray tank top and underwear. Which I think fit the vibe we were going for pretty well.


I know it’s kind of a lot of pics, but not only is a chance to see some of my older sets but also a great way for me to archive photos as well. Hopefully one day in the future me and Grace will find ourselves in the same city again and get to greta together once more. Follow Grace on IG @graciebabyx0

A throwback set w/ Quyhn

Recently I’ve been going through all my old hard drives archiving photos from the past years. And I had a little idea to do a series of like throwback posts. First reason is because it can be kind of fun going back and looking at your progression(if any) and it’s just kind of nostalgic.
This set is actually the first time I got to work with Quyhn. I drove out to Spring on an invite to shoot and hang with another Houston photographer whose studio at the time was there. Me and Quyhn had wanted to shoot together for a pretty good while before this, but schedules kept getting in the way. Luckily we happened to be at the studio on the same day! And I think the results were pretty epic.


Quyhn brought an awesome lingerie set to shoot in and with the dressing room/make up room I wanted to go for a bus getting ready type of vibe.


The studio was actually located in this business park that had a speed and body shop right next door. So there was a old stripped out hot rod that we just had to shoot next to.


It’s pretty interesting looking back on old photos and remembering my thought process as I made them. How I searched for intriguing angles and ways to photograph Quyhn with the car. For example shooting through the window like in the shot above.


I think I may have been a little more creative back in the day. lol
No, but seriously. A lot of it does come down to Quyhn just being awesome. The few times we’ve shot together have produced epic photos that are some of my favorites I’ve ever taken. I’m thinking of doing more of these archive/ throwback posts. Let me know what you guys think. I have hard drives full of old shoots.
And be sure to follow Quyhn on IG @_moonchildrose_ and for more of my work follow me @corychrry

Hailey Beth Austin

As I mentioned in the post featuring Agatha a couple months ago I got to make a quick trip to Austin and while I was there I got to shoot once again with my good friend Hailey Beth. I know I’ve shot with Hailey quit a few times, but that’s ok. Sometimes you build up a good relationship with someone and it just makes the creation process so much easier.
For the first look I simply took one of my old Chrry tiger tees and cropped it, and it made for a great minimal yet still sexy look. Maybe I should make a small run of crop tees for the ladies??


With a simple change of top and location in the apartment we were able to make some more great shots. This is one of the things I love about working with Hailey and really anyone that I get the chance to know and work with quit a bit.

the plant coming in clutch

the plant coming in clutch


As it started getting late in the evening we shot one more look. Hailey changed into a swimsuit and as it has been well established my love for reflections and mirrors… there was a closet in the bedroom that was full length. So… of course I had to use it!


I know this post was kind of long, but I wasn’t sure if it would be any better to break this up into multiple posts for each outfit. So we’ll see how just one post works. And if you want to see more of Hailey be sure to follow her on IG @haileybethh. And I look forward to the next time I get to create with Hailey!

Hailey Nicoson

For today I bring you a set from a couple months ago now when I got to shoot with my awesome friend Hailey! Yes! I have two friends named Hailey lol. I don’t know why I haven’t done a shoot yet with both Hailey’s XD, maybe one day. Hailey drove down from College station(congrats to her on graduating! Whoop!) and as you’ll see Hailey has awesome platinum blonde hair! Which of course I thought would make for some epic black and white photos.


While the black and white photos were epic, of course we took some in color as well lol.

This is easily one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken in 2019

This is easily one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken in 2019


I haven’t been shooting much this year, or over the past couple years if I’m totally honest. But I’m finding a little more joy in just shooting for the fun of it and finding and working with super chill and awesome people. And Hailey is one of such people! I hoped you all enjoyed this set as much as I enjoyed creating with Hailey.

Agatha Anne

A little while back I had a little time off from work so I decided to make a quick trip up to Austin. With it only being a couple hours drive I wonder why I don’t make the trip more often. And it just so happened not only would I be getting out of Houston for a short trip, but I’d be getting to work with someone I had never shot with before and had been wanting to work with since forever. I won’t bore you guys too much with my talking so… onward to the photos!


Agatha was awesome to work with and we made some great images! Be sure to follow Agatha @agathaa_anne on IG. I also shot with my good friend Hailey Beth Haygood while I was up in Austin so be on the look out for that set as well!


Let’s just face it. We live in a digital world. Our movies are digital, we stream music instead of listening to a physical cd, and the way we take and observe photos is usually through a screen. Hell about 90% of the photos I take are with some form of a digital camera, whether it be my dslr or my iPhone. But that’s not to say I don’t love the look and feel of film. I actually own Nikon F100 film slr that I’ve run a few rolls through. But ultimately my current form of film to shoot is polaroids.
Funny story about my polaroid camera is I got it for free. I was cleaning out my parents’ garage one day and found it stashed back in some old locker and fortunately it still worked!!! The thing I love about it is it gives a different feel to all the other photos from a set. It also can lend a different perspective and change your thinking process mid shoot. And with the resurgence of instant film it’s great that I can just run into Best Buy and pick up new packs and there’s no dark room or sending your rolls off to a lab to be developed involved.
Recently I finally started scanning and archiving all of the polaroids I’ve taken as of late so I thought I would share some of my favorites in a single blog post. So without further ado…

sometimes taking a pic of a polaroid on your phone is a great way to past time while you wait for your model to change. lol

sometimes taking a pic of a polaroid on your phone is a great way to past time while you wait for your model to change. lol


Something different. Bay area archives

Contrary to what many may think or what a majority of my content may show, I love all aspects of photography. I don’t get the opportunity to shoot too many different things due to work etc. but I thought I’d go back a few years and share some photos from when I got to go on a west coast tour with The Turnaways (follow them on IG: @turnaways and follow them on spotify as well). During their tour they played a good number of cities including, San Antonio, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Fransico. It was also honestly one of the highlights of my photographic career.
So for this post I thought I’d start off right in the thick of the Tour by showcasing photos from our time in Oakland. We had a couple of days off in the bay area so a lot of the photos are from down time etc. But after longs hours in a van you quickly appreciate getting o stretch your legs whenever you can.

Zshwn trying out a guitar at broken Guitars in Oakland

Zshwn trying out a guitar at broken Guitars in Oakland

After a quick stop in Broken Guitar we went down the street to check out 1-2-3-4 Go Records. Since sadly, now physical record shops are so rare these days. I’m not gonna lie… there’s something super nostalgic about being able to physically look through records and instantly be reminded of an artist or a certain album… but I digress.


After the record shop we needed a bit of a pick me up so of course when we spotted a little coffee shop we had to head over. The name of the shop was Subrosa Coffee and the dude working there was super friendly and knew his coffee. Little known about me… I love coffee, so if you ever want to get me to open up to you all you need do is talk about coffee, cars and cameras lol.

I’d honestly love to just visit a bunch of indepent coffee shops and just document them.

I’d honestly love to just visit a bunch of indepent coffee shops and just document them.

Wearing a giants cap in Oakland Gasp* lol

Wearing a giants cap in Oakland Gasp* lol

oak1 copy.jpg

That night the guys had a show at a club in Downtown Oakland called the Golden Bull. Clubs are always a challenge to shoot in because they lighting is hardly ever ideal for taking photos. But the challenge is always the fun part.

Justin White a.k.a baby keanu Reeves(especially since he’s grown his hair out) Lead vocals

Justin White a.k.a baby keanu Reeves(especially since he’s grown his hair out) Lead vocals

It’s always difficult to get the drummer in a club, cause they’re usually at the back… in the total dark.

It’s always difficult to get the drummer in a club, cause they’re usually at the back… in the total dark.


For the last couple photos I’ll just share a couple pics from the next day where we just sort of hung around before heading to the next city. We visited another coffee shop, Timeless coffee and the coffee and atmosphere were A-1!!! And of course a big thank you to both shops we visited while in Oakland For being cool with me taking a couple photos with my big camera while we were there. Nothing intrusive, but you’d be surprised how many places don’t like a photo being taken with a dslr.

Turnaways line up for the tour: L to R Zshawn(guitar) Justin(guitar/vocals) Saad(drums) and Sal(bass)

Turnaways line up for the tour: L to R Zshawn(guitar) Justin(guitar/vocals) Saad(drums) and Sal(bass)

outside Timeless coffee

outside Timeless coffee

Loved the atmosphere inside Timeless

Loved the atmosphere inside Timeless

This was actually shot on a Fuji X100s I leased for the tour. Not bad!

This was actually shot on a Fuji X100s I leased for the tour. Not bad!

That will wrap up this post. And I hope you enjoyed the photos! I love to travel even if I don’t get many opportunities to do so. Looking forward to more travels in the future, and going to make a couple more posts from this tour. Mostly more music photos to come as well as stories. Stay well!

Hailey Beth pt 2

Back again with another photo set! For this set with Hailey I’m going to go ahead and smoosh two outfits into one posts. Literally from day to night. For the first outfit Hailey had a Yellow bikini that I just knew had to be shot out on the balcony of the apartment. Which is a testament to the bipolarness of Houston weather considering this was like winter time.

You’d literally have no idea it was winter lol

You’d literally have no idea it was winter lol

As the day transitioned to night time, and the rain started coming down we moved inside. and with that Hailey changed into a more indoorsy look. And per common theme with my work there’s quite a bit of reflections in this set as there was a huge mirror in the apartment… which I had no choice but to use.

I wasn’t kidding when I said it was a huge mirror

I wasn’t kidding when I said it was a huge mirror


I hope you enjoyed this set as much as I enjoyed shooting and creating with Hailey. And I hope to keep up with this blog and creating new content to share. And as always don’t forget to follow Hailey @haileybeth on IG if you’re not already! Til next time guys!